Bob Dylan and Suzie Rotolo in West Village, New York City, February 1963. Photograph: Don Hunstein.

By Don Hunstein - Bob Dylan and his muse, artist Suze Rotolo, walk down West Street in Greenwich Village, 1961

Bob Dylan | “It’s then that I remembered what Malcolm X had said. “Well, sir, it’s kind of a personal thing. I don’t eat that stuff, no. I don’t eat something that’s one third rat, one third cat and one third dog. It just doesn’t taste right.”

Two phenomenal musicians just sitting down to chat, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Bob Dylan looked like this in the 50s We didn't know who he was yet! Description from I searched for this on

a young Bob Dylan then known as Robert Zimmerman as a sophomore at Hibbing High School

♡♥Bob with his wife Sara and their baby Anna - click on pic to see a larger pic and many other larger pics of Bob Dylan's family and their 4 children♥♡

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