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Me and my bestie ava slow danced in the rain the other day. We got bored and than went outside in the rain, ran around for a while than got bored. I said, "Slow dancing in the rain!" and we slow dance! we couldn't stop laughing.

Of a different nationality. One of a different color.


Should say adopt a CHILD. there are too many children left in foster systems because they were orphaned beyond infancy. It takes more work but I will do it one day. because every child deserves a caring family, even if they are already potty trained.

Done! (Tater-tots can hurt if they are thrown hard enough!)

Yes! I used to have those french fries at lunch in elementary school. My friends and I always dreamed of having a food fight with them :)

kiss in the rain

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On my bucket list: witness the total solar eclipse that is occurring on August 21, 2017

A total solar eclipse occurs when the new Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and totally blocks out the Sun. Animations of Solar and Lunar Eclipses worldwide.

#186- spend an entire day watching Disney movies.Because disney movies are the sh*t no matter how old you are. <3 :D

spend an entire day watching disney movies--Check! Did this at the end of junior year before moving out to spend one last fun day with my roommate.

That's my name

More Items to Add to My Bucket List

Love Bucket List

cuddle in front of the fireplace with someone i love (check! Love to scootchel by the fireplace with my hubby and babies.

To do before I die: finish an entire coloring book #bucketlist #art

Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways


I've never been on a plane.so one would be just flying on a plane.another would be flying first class.