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Find resources to help you bring the environment into your classroom or into the activities of your scout, naturalist or youth group.

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Children S Rights

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aboriginal resources

Group Games To Play With Kids

Relay Games For Kids

Team Building Games For Kids

Fun Relay Races

Team Relay Games

Kids Camping Games

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Relays For Kids

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Youth group banana game

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Canadian Museum

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Support Teaching



Teacher Resources at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Creative resources are available to support teaching and learning across your curriculum.

Ontario Parks


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This website is for both students and teachers, and brings Ontario's parks and protected areas to your home, classroom or library.

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Generation Blog

Shanti Generation

Yw Physical

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Vaikuntha Kids

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Benefits of Yoga for Youth: Group Activity

Game Girls

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Young Women Girls Camp Crafts

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Group Games To Play With Kids

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Fun game for family or youth group! She has tons of great games!

Classroom Science

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Elementary Science

weather words

Friend Chart

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A Good Friend Anchor Chart

Friend Goals

First Day Of School Anchor Charts

Friendship Ideas For Preschool

Friendship Parents

Friendship Anchor

Friendship Special

Do the first week of school at Morning Meeting

Safety Resource

Child Safety

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safety resource

6 Math

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Classroom Math

Elementary Poster

Free Online Math Games


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Physical Fitness

WThis dual series packet includes both the "PE Games that Rock" series and the "Out of this World PE Games" series. Together, there are 20 cutting edge, unique and detailed large group physical education games.

Things Ninja

Ninja Stuff

Ninjas Ninja

Ninjas By Bizcom

Pesky Ninjas

Ninja Presentation

Presentation Template

Le Ninja

Anti Ninja

Youth Group Games & Ice Breakers: this is a list of 25 most popular pre-Younglife club activities. Personal faves are Ninja and Tron, both are youth group wins.



10 Interview

Interview Questions

Youth Projects

Home Projects

Week Reboot

Image Retreat

Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Top 20 Youth Group Games

Mock Election

Election Ideas

Election Lessons

Election Ballot

Election Day For Kids

Presidents Election

Presidents Day Election

Teaching Presidents

Teaching Kids About Voting

Unit on democracy?

Earthquakes Where

Landforms Earthquakes

Homeschool Earthquakes

Earth Science Activities

Earth Space Science

Science Grade

Science Ideas

Alaina'S Science

Science Plate

I love all of these activities and there are lots of graphics for students. This would be great for students that don't quite understand what is happening. They could be allowed time during class or at home to go through this site and explore what they want to understand.

Questions Comments

Write Comments

Write Questions

Photos Questions

Science Social

Teaching Science

Classroom Science

Grade Science

Science Unit

great way to introduce a topic...lay out butcher paper with pictures of the upcoming unit...let the kids write questions/comments about the pictures

Tools National

Maps National

Earth National

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Geography Blog

What Is Geography

Homeschool Geography

Education Beta

Education Lesson

The Reason for the Seasons - National Geographic Education

Geography Site

History Geography

Geography Mapping

Homeschool Geography

Explorer Geography


Education Interactive

Education Mapping

Interactive Whiteboard

From National Geographic - Customize one-page maps and download, email, print, or share!