Dennis Hopper on his photography...  "I was a compulsive shooter back then. I was very shy, and it was a lot easier for me to communicate if I had a camera between me and other people."  Paul Newman, 1964 © Dennis Hopper

Black-And-White Photographs Of America In The Taken By Dennis Hopper - Paul Newman, 1964

Welcome To Jake's "Who Knew? They Knew Each Other World" A Celebration Of Friendship: August 2011

paul newman & robert redford // butch cassidy & the sundance kid, 1969

Paul Newman photographed by Steve Schapiro in Florida, 1983

Paul Newman photographed by Steve Schapiro in Florida, 1983 (Born: January 1925 Died: September

Paul Newman and Family with their Schnauzer

The Newman's did not live in Hollywood. Instead they made their home in Westport, Connecticut. Paul Newman was known for his devotion to his wife, Joanne Woodard and their three girls (Newman also had children with his first wife).

TRADITIONS AND CULTURES- The Miao people from southern China, Laos and Vietnam. This woman is from Guizhou Province.

A member of one of the many ethnic minority groups in China, the Miao people, dressed in her native festival garments. Photo by: Xijiang, Guizhou, China.