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    • Elena Marie

      Mediocrity is not in your blood my loves, you are my daughters therefore you have glitter in your veins

    • Aubrey Couzantino

      Most importantly, do not be like the rest of them. Be you, do different, be different. For the rest will then follow in your footsteps. You are a little queen!

    • DD Vasseur

      be you. That's what I have always adored about you. You are that rare flower in the garden of life. This summer I walked out the door into my garden and smelled a lovely but powerful, exotic scent. I found one Ginger blossom. It was so tiny and pure white. I starred in awe, of this tiny, delicate, wondrous gift that the universe had shared with me. That's how I feel about my daughter. A Girl with the moon and stars in her eyes.

    • Maria Margaretta

      be original.. some people try so hard .. whats the point be you .

    • Leanne Kallal

      just be YOU. #soulbytes #wordsofwisdom #inspiration #wisewords

    • Debbie Howard Chosa

      Wise words I live by! BE YOURSELF PEOPLE!!!

    • Lyca Delos Reyes

      Dare to be different. Be unique. Be YOU!

    • Tricia Diaz

      Words of wisdom for my daughter

    • Dana Dahl

      good advice, be original

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    Take chances. #quote #inspiration #travel

    You're doing better than you think you are. Positive thoughts

    Don't wish your life away

    Edna Mode :)

    Patterson Maker

    dont forget to fall in love with yourself 1st.... would live this as a tattoo

    Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none. -W.Shakespeare

    I like this because it speaks to the false notion that women are nothing without a man. That kind of thinking is so ingrained into our society that sometimes we don't even really realize it. One might see a woman in her 40s who has never been married and think that something is wrong with her. The first thought should be, maybe that was her choice.

    Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin

    "Some people care too much. I think its called love." Winnie the Pooh. Such an excellent thought from a silly little bear. :)

    1 Peter 3:3

    Being different is a good thing, it's a beautiful thing. Blending in to meet so called "social standards" isn't. Be different.

    I really needed this today!

    William Shakespeare, King Lear

    Do all things with kindness. Whether it is in your social life, work life, personal life or with complete strangers…be kind. Mark Twai...

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