Great message for my daughter... Forge your own path and be unique

"Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first.". Amen. I want someone happy/comfortable with who they are.

Edna Mode :)

positive thought

words of wisdom.

Take chances. #quote #inspiration #travel

Words to live by

I am who I am because of what I have been through and the choices I have made. & I love who I am. Wouldn't change a lesson learned.

when things go bed don't go with them.

words of wisdom

So true. But some people keep trying to read it while the other person doesn't even know we're the book is at. Move on

If not now, then when #quote

live by it

:: words of wisdom ::

words of wisdom from La Liz

Don't Stop Until You're Proud

Do them before it's too late in life. #Motivation #Justdoit #Lifeisshort #Beleive #Hope #Inspiration

Truth....she waits for marriage. She waits for the right guy, the guy God intends for her to have. She's quintessentially picky about who she dates.

Words of wisdom! #inspiration #risk #quote

I will, too.