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Strawberry Chocolate Cake is like the best chocolate covered strawberries you’ve ever eaten!!!

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White Chocolate Blueberry Truffles - simple no bake dessert recipe with only 5 ingredients: white chocolate, butter, heavy cream and dried blueberries, roll into powdered sugar. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR OR FLAVOR ADDED!

Pina Colada Smoothie Ingredients: 3/4 cup coconut milk (I used the canned stuff) 1 cup 100% pineapple juice 1 1/2 cups frozen pineapple chunks 1 cup coconut Greek yogurt 1 cup crushed ice 1/4 tsp rum extract, optional Garnish: whip cream maraschino cherries pineapple slices

These Key Lime Cheesecake Bites make for the perfect cool dessert. The best part? No baking required! All you need is a few simple ingredients to whip up these sweet treats. For the full recipe visit us at: #paleohacks #paleo

Becky Forrester Garrison loves to cook with Tupelo honey. Here she shares her favorite recipe: "Take a large bowl of fresh or frozen fruit (berries, melons, peaches, etc.) and mix 1/4 to 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup of Southern Comfort (yes, the alcoholic one) and the juice of half a lemon or lime, mix well and pour over the fruit and stir. Add some lemon or lime zest too, if you choose!"

RAW PASSION FRUIT SWIRL CAKE - raw, vegan, swirl, cake, dessert, recipe - Photo:: Natalie Yonan

Pina Colada Trifle - 5 Stars!!

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21 of the BEST No Bake Layered Dessert Lush Recipes! Lush, no bake dessert, dessert lasagna, they're an easy recipe everyone will love.

A Pinch of Joy: Strawberry Pina Colada Dessert