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Esther Evans & Flyte through a crazy jump at the 2010 Brigstock International Horse Trials. Nico Morgan photo.

very cool jumper photo--wish someone could take one of me like this!

The chute: line up two or three jumps next to the fence; place extra practice jumps perpendicular to the first set of jumps creating a tunnel or "chute" effect; tie reins in knot just below where you place your hands; as you approach the first jump, drop reins and place on helmet, out to the side, or behind your back. Should help with balance, trust, and learning when to release.

I love this #horse quote! :) It really captures who I am :D Especially the stubborn part-maybe not the whole graceful thing, but hey! lol

Equestrian Problem #50 They seriously don't get it until you have them ride. Then your horse decides they don't like other people and bucks them off. It happened. They no longer think that riding is easy.

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Every little girl dreams of a scene like this, but this lucky girl gets to live it everyday!!!

Horses allow you to do things you never thought you could do.

grays and braids are my two favorite things

There are special horses out there that they do a course once or twice and they know it again.

A good reminder to never give up the things we love most or stop chasing our dreams. Like it if you ♥ it, repin it if you believe it.

I've had a horse do this to me. It was weird and awkward at first until one of the ladies who took care of him told me that he likes tall people (his trainer was tall). I am a tall person, but the horse was taller than me (he was a BIG chestnut Thoroughbred named "Big").