That is a cool thing to remember... using foam insulation spray thats used to fill in cracks.

Make your own Halloween spider web decoration for your home! I have done this before using baby yarn and the great thing is if you pick the right yarn you can make it glow with a black light!

Halloween Decor: How to Make a Mummy from BHG - gives directions for the 1/2 mummy coming out of ground or a whole one. There are other cute things here too.

How to "make wood" out of foam

spray foam insulation used for 'witches brew' in a cauldron

How to make yourself look like a rotten zombie. probably will never have to do this but the captions cracked me up!

Lots of great ideas for halloween

Creepy - halloween decor. - Anyone remember the sound activated flowers from the late 80's? This would be a great hack for one of those!

This is great.

Faux chains out of pipe insulation

Ooh this is creepy! This lady has awesome posts about halloween props and decor.

Great it...

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

halloween decor


Insert glow stick into white balloon and add face with black marker. I want to fill my windows with these this Halloween!

Spooky eyes lollipops. Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


Such fun Halloween decor! @Heidi Mitchell @Sally Williamson