Liddicoatite, a rare member of the Tourmaline group of minerals.


Purple Fluorapatite Tourmaline


Amythest Geodes

Apophyllite from India #Mineral #Apophyllite

Carminite,Gartrellite, Beudantite and Anglesite

*68mm* Mineral! RARE Fossil Wood PRECIOUS OPAL Crystal - Virgin Valley, Nevada / Mineral Friends <3

Rare Dendritic Agate / India

°Protection crystals meanings information card by SoulMakes

Rare earth metal collection

Tourmaline from Afghanistan by Exceptional Minerals

Quartz with red Phantom



Paraiba Tourmaline in Quartz. Very rare..

Sapphire & Pink Sapphire

Negative Quartz, pretty rare! (you can observe like a footprint of another quartz mineral inside the main mineral: this is why you call it negative) origin: Brazil / Mineral Friends

There are two categories of opals - common and precious. The Precious opals are composed of three groups: white, black, and fire opal. This is a fire opal.

~Cream & Sugar Cottage~

Cranberry red Tourmaline