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DIY cord wrap bracelet. Oso Grande stocks over 40 different colors of genuine 550lb test military paracord made by a certified US government contractor. This parachute cord is the real thing! Perhaps one of the most useful components of a survival kit. Can be used in an emergency to build shelter, or for a multitude of other uses.

Now this Chan Luu wrap bracelet DIY starts the beads right at the button.

Herringbone wrap bracelet :: video tutorial along with written instructions on site ~ Combines classic herringbone with the laddering of gemstones to create bold color-blocking. Total length of this sample from button to knotted tails is 36 inches, comfortable for a 6.5-7 inch wrist. #handmade #jewelry

Need a third hand? Just wrap a rubber band around your pliers.



DIY Wrap Bracelet. Thank you for this awesome idea!

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DIY Wrap Bracelet

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DIY wrap bracelet



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