Double thickness crocheted hot pad. The blog where this photo tutorial is found has enchanting and CLEAR photos of projects intended for a young girl's hope chest: her daughter.

Art in the Kitchen: Crochet Potholders and Hot Pads

Vintage crocheted hot pad holders.

Very Pretty Vintage Crochet Kitchen Potholder, Dishcloth, Hot Pad! Free Pattern too~

Linked double crochet tutorial

Learn how to make the Linked Double #Crochet Stitch! Video & Photo Tutorial on @mooglyblog

Baby Shoes Crochet

Diagonal Crochet Stitch

crochet flowers

An Old Crochet Stitch, Done in a New Way

Crochet Bird - Photo Tutorial

"Crochet stitches such as the flower ★"


Crochet earring jewelry - Large crochet earring - Crochet earring - Pink and beige - Textile Jewelry - Round earrings on Etsy, $16.99

Crochet Ball - Tutorial

coasters... i am a sucker for ric-rac

Let's Learn A New Crochet Stitch! Each Thursday!! Current Photo Tutorials & Free Patterns include: 1. Granule Stitch 2. Corner to Corner Shell Stitch 3. Trinity Stitch 4. Moss Stitch 5. One Sided Front Loop Single Crochet Stitch 6. Wattle Stitch 7. Pebble Stitch 8. Half Double V-Stitch #crochet #afghan

hoop earrings

PHOTO ONLY ~ crochet Italy doily | Crochet doily, lace doily, table decoration, crocheted place mat, mint ...

all I need is the tutorial! ;-)