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getting this added to nevys name and then going to add liam's in it and get my whole back done and sleeves eventually

from Pretty Designs

Breathtaking Feather Tattoo Designs to Get Inspried

Get a Small tattoo of something meaningful symbolic maybe like this peacock feather tattoo because it reminds me of how beautiful God made his creation how he cares for me. Open to recommendations of where to go to get it. This one scares me the most!

from Society6

Peacock Feather Art Print by Vicky Ink

Peacock Feather Art Print

vibrant colored tattoos - Google Search a mix of the two things I want. A peacock feather and Lilly's !!!! Yay

Love this... the outer beauty of a peacock feather shows the inner beauty of a person wearing it as a tattoo. People with peacock feather tattoos are believed to be good, honest, kind, patient and always optimistic about life.

from SwittersB & Exploring

Feather Tattoo’s (Peacock In the Right Spots)

tattoo. i like this a LOT.