Oh, the People of Walmart. . . pee bag strapped to leg in the Deli Department. . . Yum!

i hope i'm this funny when i get old!

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I mean what the actual fuck?

bad hair day

People of walmart...

dentist with experience needed

I'm dying laughing!!!

I'm Off to Walmart Need Anything? YES. Buy Pants NOT Tights Girl - Fashion Fail - Funny Pictures at Walmart


Napping in Walmart

Lord help me...

Meanwhile at Wal-Mart


Oh hey what’s up baby, how you doin’? Why don’t you give me a little quick peep underneath that little cute shirt of…oh those are man-boobs. Don’t tell my friends about this conversation.


EPIC Walmart Selfies http://andrewdafuq.tinybytes.me/truly-f-ked-up-walmart-selfies

omg, I have no words. They found the crazy cat lady!

Cover yourself up girl you ratchet