ok, so it's not a car, but I'm not making a board for "Ridiculous RV's"...though this would be on it.

Cool concept RV

Segway racing car!

1963 Dutch Grand Prix | XII Grote Prijs van Nederland | Circuit Park Zandvoort | Zandvoort, Netherlands | Starting Grid//

Just amazing. One of the Nicest Mustangs i have ever seen...Pure Vision Design’s Martini Racing 1966 Ford Mustang T-5R

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McQueen Drives Porsche

V Dub

A Sailbike

Unusual Motorcycles


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Jaguar XJ13

sport tank

weird motorhome times again http://www.motorhome-travels.co.uk/

yes yes yes

Early Motorhome

One of the first RV's?

Neverwas Haul - Burning Man. Steampunk tiny house trailer http://neverwashaul.com - There is nothing quite like riding in a Victorian Steampunk House at 5mph across open playa!

Rusty RV by Evan Gearing

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