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Viparita Karani yoga pose - Legs up the wall - Encourages circulation of blood and lymph from the feet and legs. Bathes the abdomen in fresh blood, stimulating the digestive organs. Soothes the nervous system, allowing your body to shift its attention from warding off stress to daily bodily functions, including detox. Note the pillow/bolster she is using. @PTrainerFood

Do Less, Relax More: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

7 Steps to a Healthier Heart in 2017 Legs up the wall. Powerful healthy exercise for the health of your heart. Just five minutes helps.

Want to shape up your arms? Try this yoga pose...you will see results.  The position is called, Chaturanga Dandasana

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Yoga Journal: Yoga Poses, Classes, Meditation, and Life - On and Off the Mat - Namaste

Meditation pose - if I ever get myself in that position, I'm never getting up.

When Restorative Yoga Doesn't Feel Relaxing...

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Managing Stress

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Managing Stress

Hypnotic Yoga Photography - This ‘Stripes’ photo set by Ilona Olkonen is short but sweet. In it, Olkonen captures a model wearing a strip.

Feel-good food article: "Comfort, Redefined" -- what if eating feel-good food actually made you feel...good?

Why Indulging in Comfort Food Is Essential to Tranquility

Article on strengthening dislocated shoulders. Ouch for the shoulder. Yeah for restorative yoga that works with the injury.

Wear and Care: Decrease Shoulder Pain and Build Strength

Yoga Journal - Yoga Methodology - Tools for Teaching Prenatal Yoga: The First Trimester

This soothing, restorative posture calms the nervous system, eases muscle fatigue, and helps restore healthy, restful breathing. Many yoga instructors offer it as an antidote to exhaustion, illness, and weakened immunity.

Surefire Survival Strategy: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

EVERY woman should do this pose for at least 15 mins a day! The benefits are endless, such a simple yet powerfully restorative pose! Especially if you are faced with stress, anxiety, or just general being run down.

Fall is a time of natural transition, perfect for a gentle detox to reset your body and mind and prime your system for winter wellness.

Ayurvedic Detox Techniques for Fall

Yoga for Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Many of the principles discussed in my last column, Yoga for Stress and Burnout, are applicable to anxiety and panic …

Yoga for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Yoga Journal Office Yoga - Stress relief you can do at your desk. Day 1

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Soak away sore muscles: add two-thirds of a cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of ginger powder (yep, straight from the spice cabinet) to a tubful of hot water for a leisurely soak. The heating properties of ginger boost blood flow to the muscles, while baking soda helps coax toxins from the skin's pores.

Ayurveda's Sore Muscle Soothers

YJ_Arnicare Infographic #yogaposes

How to Ease Muscle Soreness With Yoga - Infographic