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  • Kathy Gray Carter

    The JETSONS! were my favorite cartoon as a kid.

  • Lori Watkins

    #Jetsons #Cartoons #80s

  • Lisa Johnson

    Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: The Jetsons

  • Bruce D. Bryant

    The Flinstones took the all-American family back in time, but The Jetsons took it to the future. George Jetson was like Fred Flinstone and every other sitcom father we've seen. He worked to take care of his family, and only wanted some peace and quiet from time to time. But his kids, wife, dog and boss kept him from it. Famously being trapped on a treadmill (who hasn't been?) in the opening credits, it's easy to remember George Jetson.

  • Mary Frattaroli

    The Jetsons... one of my favorite cartoons. I would watch Saturday morning cartoons, we had to be sure to get up extra early to catch The Jetsons... it was always worth it!

  • Maria Cristina Henao

    cartoon network 90s latino

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Meet George Jetsons; his son Leroy, Jane his Wife, Daughter Judy ...Astro the dog, Rosie the robot maid and Mr Spacely and the sprocket factory.

Meet George Jetson...his boy, Elroy...daughter Judy...Jane, his wife! ps there's Rosie too...

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The Jetsons was a great cartoon; while not everything on there has come true - it is amazing to think of all the devices that are similar to things they had on that show.

The Jetsons .. One of my favorites! Loved Rosie!

Elroy behind the controls (Cartoon Network - Boomerang)

The one thing that really stuck in my mind about the Jetsons was the food. Rosie would make these little pellets and they would taste like a whole meal for them. I thought that was so cool.

The Jetsons Cartoon Show debut 1962 "The show foreshadowed many of the things we take for granted in the modern age, like treadmills, cell phones and the internet. Surely the flying cars will get here soon; and having a moving walkway in every room could come in handy..."

The-Jetsons - Used to watch it on the old Cartoon Network every night - Now it turned into crap - Memories - Kiddie