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  • Karly InAbox

    DIY nail polish colours, using clear nail polish and cheap/old eyeshadow. I guess this could work with powder paints too? Fun to try anyway.

  • Rebecca Maup

    How To Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color (clear nailpolish + smashed eye shadow)

  • Violette

    make your own nail polish colors (using eye shadow and clear nail polish)

  • sadie

    Make your own custom color nail polish with eyeshadow and clear nail polish!!

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How To Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color. What you will need: Clear nail polish. Cheap eyeshadow. You could also use expired eyeshadow that may just be taking up space in your makeup drawer. Toothpick A funnel. I made mine by wrapping a note card into a cone shape and then taping it on the back.

Clear polish + eyeshadow = matte polish. For all those broken eyeshadows - Hm! You learn something new every day!

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Added Tip: Stripe polish onto a piece of foil or coated paper plate. Swirl/blend with a toothpick where colors overlap. Pick up the color on your sponge & go! Now, even I can do that! ;) ***** Gotta be fast to do this. Maybe too fast for me. But at least now I know how they do it. :) Nails ideas