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  • Heather Whitaker

    Forget boxed tissues - toilet paper holder makes "adjustable" tissues. Finally a cute tissue holder!

  • Aunt Shelly Belly

    Paper Pot - Tissue dispenser for toilet, OR instead of a kleenex box. Holds your toilet paper roll and dispenses it!

  • Alissa Watson

    SO much cuter than a tissue box on the nightstand!! Paper Pot - toilet paper holder | 11.00 and available in 10 colors-

  • Kabi .

    Paper Pot - toilet paper holder | 11.00 and available in 10 colors.... love this idea!

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toilet paper holder....ben might appreciate it if I made something like this since I seem to have an issue with replacing the roll:)

I am thinking right now how to make it. And I finally did 2/23/13. I used a baby blue fabric with a white thread zig-zag down the middle, it's feminine and pretty.

What a funny toilet paper holder.

#DIY skateboard deck toilet paper holder

drawer repurposed into toilet paper holder

Hilarious. Perfect for a house full of boys who don't know how to change the toilet paper role!

This would be a money saver - and since Fred San Juan and Gabrielle Juan use TP rolls all the time to blow their noses we should invest in one for every room!

Ok, so these are on sale on Etsy for anywhere from $15-$45. Ridiculous! But super duper easy to make. I made my own from scrap fabric costing me ... $0!!!!! It is great to have and I love it (so a 5 for that) but it also got a 5 because of the price!

Lovely Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Paper Pot - Bright Colors - Yanko Design...A great idea for the classroom and probably cheaper than always buying Kleenex.