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Steven Wesley

Miami Personal Trainer - Steven Wesley -NASM Certified #personaltrainingtips #personaltrainer #personaltrainers #miamibeach #miami #crossfit #wod

Crossfit. One of todays most crazed workout programs that prepares trainees for any physical contingency. Originally developed by Coach Greg Glassman over several decades. The successfullness of it comes from a community working together to reach a fitness goal and its success has become a nationwide trend which we have continued to see, hear about, or even be a part of. Taylor R

Infographic - The Olympic Lifts...Are You Putting Your Feet Where They Should Be?

"olympic lifts" by diane fu: gee, this poster sure makes it all look so easy! if only it _were_ that easy... for me. in any case, i think this is a good reference or at least a cool poster to have around and look at when you'd otherwise be staring at a blank wall.

Best Rowing Machine Reviews

If you're trying to tighten up the extra padding around your butt and upper quads, you're not alone ~

6 HIIT Workouts

Get Fit with HIIT: 6 Workouts plus a HIIT It Hard Playlist (plus enter to win a pair of wireless headphones from Jabra!)

Crossfit of Breckenridge

I want this quote posted somewhere in my house. Absolutely love it, and everyword of it is true. Live, Breathe, Eat #Crossfit.

9 Habits Of Fit Girls - How To Stay Fit And Healthy

Crossfit Abs (don't forget to eat right, or all that hard work will be cancelled out!)