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cool product finds from an unexpected source.. bed bath and beyond!

Knitted Dog Socks You will so not find my dogs with these on!

Dog beds with storage above! I wish I could find a bed for Beau that he can't destroy in 10 min. ;))

cupcake dog bed! @kyja lee Your dog totally needs this so he can hang out in your store! Haha!

Boston Terrier Coffee Company original graphic illustration on canvas by stephen fowler

for the 0.0001% of the time your dog isn't on your bed, taking up 3 times the amount of space as you are

Ha ha ha! If I could only knit this, my dog would be sporting this...all the time! Tamara Hawkins

I did my homework after realizing that Girlie had a food allergy and how unhealthy her food was. If there is a local owned pet supply store that sells brands that you can't get in a big box retailer, try some of those brands! I was surprised at how much Girlie and the kitties changed for the better after finding a better food for them.

Make it reclaimed by following the wise instructions and soon you will find a serene bed for your pet. We have given here most useable and highly wanted inspirations for dog bed.