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é tão lindo isso!! Um dia sonhei … Quero ser mãe de uma menina que ande de marias-chiquinhas pela casa empurrando um carrinho de bonecas, Que trombe nos móveis às risadas, Brinque com meus sapatos de salto, Faça roupinhas para suas barbies descabeladas. ... - continua-

You'll be his first kiss His first love His first friend You are his Mother and he is your whole life He is your little boy. - Author Unknown

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Nursery Decor, baby girl or boy, "No one will ever know the strength of my love for you" quote sign, new mom gift

Good to remember, when you are having a bad day would you want someone to make it WORSE? Kids don't always know how to say what is bothering them. Be their savior NOT their problem or antagonist. They will value you for it.


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I'm a disabled Army veteran and survivor making a difference one day at a time. Shop to support my cause. Thank You!

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The 10 Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Your Kids

Parenting Quote: The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. Remember the 10 most powerful things you can say to your child.