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    I love hairless cats!

    Omg. So cute. I really want a hairless cat.

    sphynx cats. Love these cats.


    Hairless Cats in sweaters


    As my sister once said at a cat show (when we first saw a Cornish Rex breed for the first time) "that cat needs a sweater," and then we turned around to see its owner glaring at us. This cat looks better with a sweater vest! Lol!! :-)

    They don't want you to starve :3

    egiptien spenks cat | Hairless cats


    I want a hairless kitty so much!!!

    Hairless cats

    Sphnyx the so called hairless cat ranked as the 10th most popular cat breed according to the most registered cat breed statics.Sphnyx cats have big eyes and pointed ears.The normally have some hairs on face or on their tails.Sphnyx cats that we know today are affectionate,energetic and playful.

    OMG!! Baby hairless Spynx kitty. I normally do not like hairless cars but look at that face!

    Hairless cats........ Loooooove....want!

    Hairless cat makes a Grumpy Elf

    Why are they so adorable?!


    Hairless Sphynx kitten

    This is precious

    Backlit. #Hairless #Sphynx #Cat