I love hairless cats!

They don't want you to starve :3

Sphnyx the so called hairless cat ranked as the 10th most popular cat breed according to the most registered cat breed statics.Sphnyx cats have big eyes and pointed ears.The normally have some hairs on face or on their tails.Sphnyx cats that we know today are affectionate,energetic and playful.

Serena Hodson (aka Serenah), the photographer known for her adorable pet portraits (see here and here), has taken some fascinating photos of the Sphynx. She sums the breed up perfectly with this line, "I know these cats are confronting but I think they are also so intriguing."

They're like Corgi Cats!!! Munchkin Cats. I want one!!

"Sheepish" by Karena Goldfinch

Sphynx Kitten

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monkey's entwined


yes. hairless cats.


Sphynx Cat!

Hairless cats.

Sassy 'lil' sphynx cat.

The hairless cat who just wants to hug your arm a little bit closer. | 23 Photos That Prove Hairless Cats Are Actually Adorable

I want

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