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    Unlike Fractions Problem Solving...Real World problems that encourage students to explain their thinking through models, words, algorithm, and error analysis.

    Problem Solving Math Strategies

    Persevere in solving problems? Want to see if your kids really know what they are doing when they are problem solving? Want to focus your kids into the process of problem solving? This simple one page problem solver includes a place for students to choose their strategy, to choose their math concept, to show their work, and to justify their answer. It also includes a

    Area and Perimeter Freebie

    Teaching Real Life Area. I have my students show area and perimeter by taping off a section of tiles.

    Neat way to have a reusable problem solving board

    Design a ZOO with Area and Perimeter. Image and create your own zoo using math skills. PBL activity. ($4.75)

    Problem Solving Journal- Area and Perimeter

    Real life examples of 2D shapes. Could assign each table group a 2-D shape and then they could cut and paste from magazines real world examples.

    Area and Perimeter problem solving

    Great post with lots of ideas for problem solving activities with 2-D shapes. Downloads included.

    Math is best learned in real life situations. This project puts students into the real life situation of building a new school. While working on problem solving and creative thinking, students also work on measurement: including area and perimeter. A simple grading rubric has been built in to give students guidance and feedback. Working as individuals, or as groups, this project is sure to get students' minds working. $4.50

    Math Buddy Chat Freebie from Laura Candler - Aligned with Common Core Math Practices - Step-by-step problem solving method for partners

    Common Core Math Problem Solving - Blog post by Laura Candler on how to incorporate the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices

    Unit Rate: Real life math ~ Students use real prices on various products found in stores and use unit rates to determine the better deal.

    #FREE Problem Solving with Addition and Subtraction Task Cards and Answer Sheet {Go Math, Third Grade, Chapter One and Go Math, Fourth Grade, Chapter One} #TPT

    Perimeter #FREE Task Cards ~ Area and Perimeter Resources & A Few More Freebies! #TPT

    Area and perimeter robots! A fun math craft that students LOVE!

    A real life inquiry project for To Kill a Mockingbird: Students learn about tolerance and then become a hero for a mockingbird.