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Area and Perimeter FREEBIE available at our TPT store!

Unlike Fractions Problem Solving...Real World problems that encourage students to explain their thinking through models, words, algorithm, and error analysis.

A great problem solving template for word problems!...

Problem Solving Math Strategies

Persevere in solving problems? Want to see if your kids really know what they are doing when they are problem solving? Want to focus your kids into the process of problem solving? This simple one page problem solver includes a place for students to choose their strategy, to choose their math concept, to show their work, and to justify their answer. It also includes a

Conquer math word problems - A great list of ideas for improving math problem solving for your child!

Setting up math problem-solving notebooks

$4.25 Geometry Task Card Bundle: 30 Real Life Questions on Circumference, Perimeter & Area, and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter Freebie

Neat way to have a reusable problem solving board

Design a ZOO with Area and Perimeter. Image and create your own zoo using math skills. PBL activity. ($4.75)

Elementary Architects Math Project: Design Blueprints & Explore Area (Grades 2-4) Elementary Architects Math Project: Design Blueprints & Explore Area (Grades 2-4) Students design their own space for an architecture firm, calculate flooring needs and get paid for their creativity. Watch students deepen their understanding of area as they work on this real life project! $

Problem Solving Journal- Area and Perimeter

Real life examples of 2D shapes. Could assign each table group a 2-D shape and then they could cut and paste from magazines real world examples.

12 Days of Christmas FREEBIE - Christmas Math Games by Games 4 Learning contains 2 printable Christmas Math Board Games

Great post with lots of ideas for problem solving activities with 2-D shapes. Downloads included.

Math is best learned in real life situations. This project puts students into the real life situation of building a new school. While working on problem solving and creative thinking, students also work on measurement: including area and perimeter. A simple grading rubric has been built in to give students guidance and feedback. Working as individuals, or as groups, this project is sure to get students' minds working. $4.50

Math Buddy Chat Freebie from Laura Candler - Aligned with Common Core Math Practices - Step-by-step problem solving method for partners

My word problems have become "go to" resources for problem solving in the classroom...my resources are unique in that the problems are presented in three different formats. Want to see? Check out this freebie!

Common Core Math Problem Solving - Blog post by Laura Candler on how to incorporate the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices

Unit Rate: Real life math ~ Students use real prices on various products found in stores and use unit rates to determine the better deal.