the kings speech

War Horse - When World War I breaks out, young Albert Narracott's beloved horse Joey is sold to the cavalry. Albert is too young to enlist, but goes to France to save Joey.

.Rain Man

Starring Dame Maggie Smith and Helen Bonham Carter, both perfect in their respective roles. Very atmospheric film. Scary...


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Les Mis!!

1988 "Sci Fi" Movies | ... Sci-fi and Horror original us one sheet movie posters from movie

Loved the movie now I am working on reading the book.

EAT PRAY LOVE (2010)-Good movie. :)

Scent of a Woman - What makes this movie special is that the emotional realism of the characters, especially Slade, is heartwrenchingly believable..

Dear John (2010)

Love this movie <3.


Two words Colin Firth

Great movie!

Clueless (child of the 90's)

love this movie

The Anne of green gables movies are awesome! There is everything you would want in a movie in them. So great!

The Vow