P.V. Moore Character Education Commitee....... STUPID!


How I feel during finals week

SO much better than a film strip...(filmstrip??).... although I did rather enjoy being the "chosen one" who got to turn the knob on the side of the projector when hearing the beep on the cassette.

hahahaha so true!

Hahahaha, Fucktards ...who put's a fuckin' bird on a mans hair?! 8)

When you’re trying to cut corners: | 27 Times Tumblr Hilariously Captured The Struggle Of Being Broke


Bad facial recognition makes for a great senior ID… I had to have my birth certificate last time to get my license an yet it came out saying I was a male!

True and confusing

I'm thinking whoever wrote this is a high school student. No one past that point thinks "OH GOD THEY'LL ALL KNOW THAT MY VAGINA DOES THAT THING."


That rubber band though...

wow. mind blown

Oh, Ms. Frizzle... She's at it again!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 105 Pics

Students: 1, College: 0

Girl runs a small library of banned books out of her locker at her strict private school. THIS GIRL IS A HERO

We're concerned your job is interfering with your drinking.

The worst