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That awesome moment when your kids think they've got you off track with a stupid story about your life... And you fully relate it to the lesson.

I'm thinking whoever wrote this is a high school student. No one past that point thinks "OH GOD THEY'LL ALL KNOW THAT MY VAGINA DOES THAT THING." <= This is true. After a certain point, you just stop being embarrassed about it.

Love it. Every high school teacher needs this sign.

Take a look at this Job Interference Rectangle Magnet on zulily today!

Bahahaha! But I think that some of them were done like that on purpose...but it's still funny.

Science can tell you how to clone a tyrannosaurus rex. Humanities can tell you why this might be a bad idea. (via Nathan Isnumberone)

Truck with stupid teeth..haha

Funny. I was thinking this, this morning when a friend of mine ignored me because another friend of mine is talking about me behind my back because I have an issue with her sister. None of them will speak to me to hear my side of the story, they'll just snark about me behind my back. And we're over 30! It never ends!

parents protect your children

Congratulations on being one of the 'cool' kids in high school. Too bad about the rest of your life though.