How to move hostas

Dividing Hostas Like A Pro - How & When To Divide Your Hosta Plants

how to thin and divide hostas properly...

Complete Hosta Collection

Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate... Helps to produce bushier plants, produce more flowers, and deter pests. Great for the garden!

In early spring, when hostas are coming up, mix 10 parts water to 1 part ammonia, and pour over plant and soil. This will kill slug larvae.

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How to Divide Hostas - I do this - I buy one hosta and divide it into three and plant three from one purchased pot. They all grow quickly to look bigger than the original single purchased plant.

How to root hydrangea cuttings. If i can, i want to make cuttings of my plants at my dad's house before moving out to somewhere :) so i can bring them with me in spirit

A colander for your Tubtrug. What a great idea! Rinse vegetables right in the garden. (Tubtrug sold separately.)

How to divide hostas

How to move hostas. In all the years I've moved my hostas, I can't believe I've never done this!

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Oxalis purple clover, a beautiful shade plant!

Hosta 'Frances Williams' underplanted with Heuchera 'Velvet Night'*

Knockout roses and hostas planted along fence >> This is so beautiful!

ferns and hosta - back yard

Hostas around trees | And hostas around my 2 backyard trees. There's 3 varieties around the ...

Well, that makes it look easy to move heavy pots.

How to divide Hosta plants