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  • Kevin Thai

    The T(ether) system was created by MIT students David Lakatos and Matthew Blackshaw as way to collaboratively edit 3D virtual objects in mid-air, in real-time using an iPad and a motion-tracked glove. The system facilitates spacial mapping between virtual and real space, allowing a pair of editors to build, change and control virtual objects in tandem.

  • Russ Burtner

    This experimental app from the MIT Media Lab combines gestural interfaces, augmented reality, collaborative workspaces, and general sci-fi amazingness.

  • NetBiz

    T(ether) – a Spatially- and Body-Aware Window for #Collaborative Editing and #Animation of #3D Virtual Objects

  • Alicson Platero

    T(ether) creates a 1:1 mapping between real and virtual coordinate space allowing immersive exploration of the joint domain. Our system creates a shared workspace in which co-located or remote users can collaborate in both the real and virtual worlds. The system allows input through capacitive touch on the display and a motion-tracked glove. When placed behind the display, the user’s hand extends into the virtual world, enabling the user to interact with objects directly.

  • Dimensional Control Systems, Inc.

    T(ether) - Manipulate virtual objects in mid-air. I can't imagine how this would affect 3d modeling and quality control.

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