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    • Cathy Pierce

      Hasselback Potatoes 6 Med Potatoes;2 - 3 Cloves Garlic, thinly sliced; 2 T Olive Oil; Butter; Sea Salt; Black Pepper Preheat oven to 425˚F. Put potato on chopping board, flat side down. Start from one end of the potato, cut almost all the way through, at about 3 to 4 mm intervals. Arrange potatoes in baking tray ; insert garlic in between the slits. Scatter butter on top. Drizzle oil and sprinkle salt and pepper. Bake potatoes for abt40 min or until potatoes turn crispy & flesh is soft.

    • Kat Rojas

      Hasselback Potatoes - Dinner January 20th, made these potatoes with our grilled steak and green beans. I've been dying to make these because they look so good! Kept them in the oven for an hour and they never got crispy on the outside and weren't cooked all the way through. The slices that were cooked were tasty, but was a bit of a letdown. My grilled steak and my green beans were awesome!

    • Debbie Ritter

      Baked sliced potato- Thinly slice a baking potato. Brush with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake at 425 for 45 minutes (brush with oil during baking). I used a toaster oven.

    • Charismatic Soul

      Lovely baked potato recipe. I make mine with oil, golden breadcrumbs any spicy sauce and sea salt. Absolutely lovely! If dry, other users recommend microwaving the potato for 10 minutes to get the center cooked without drying it out. Then brush the entire potato (esp between slices) with olive oil. The oil is supposed to make it crispy without drying.

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