I have no problem with our age difference! Married to an older man!

i convince myself a nap will work... it doesn't my view on life is just as screwed up as ever

please and thank you.

not a bad attitude to have at times.

haha yes

I pinning this before anyone in my family does


Hahaha @Britney Chickenpow Chickenpow Beddingfield my life is complete now that we can send pins to each other!

Too true.

my life...

Welcome to my world........

.... Aaaaah, love. #ecards #humor #adult #love #relationships #marriage

life #humor #someecards

we are concerned your job is interfering with your drinking


Me escondo detrás del sarcasmo porque decirte que te vayas "al infierno" es considerado rudo en la mayoria de las situaciones sociales.

The truth of the matter: "I'm sorry that I got angry and said alot of things that I meant but still should not have said."

uhhhh so true!

I view each and every one of your glaring red flags as a personal challenge.

Too often