Ribbon baking pan can be molded into any shape...magnets make it stick to the baking sheet!

How to Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes Easily!

A baking pan with a twist...

Make your own toppings with a crank of Topper Chopper.! Way cool

eggs in the shape of a flower

Skull Cake Pan #williamssonoma - this would be great to bake with.

Shop Frieling Layer Cake Slicing Kit, 3 piece at CHEFS.

Make these with felt. Keep pans from getting scratched

The Lettermate is an address stencil that keeps your writing straight and aligned, as well as letting you decorate your envelopes with hand-drawn designs.

Chicago Metallic Batter Dispenser at Sur La Table

cake layer cutter - this is awesome.

Cupcake batter dispenser. Perfect for any baker!

Mini Three Tiered Cake Pan- #kitchen #kitchenwares #housewares

Check this out it's called the Yonana! It takes a banana and any other fresh fruit and turns it into ice cream with no extra sugar. I neeeeeed this!!!

Shop Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio at CHEFS.

wonderful baking rack - a real space saver! Good for prepping pan after pan of cookies & good for cooling the racks that come out of the oven!

If you suffer from food allergies then its quite handy to have a tool like the A – Check. The device probes the food for ingredient contents and then matches it with a selection of food-items that you have listed as allergy causing foods. If the stick turns red, it means you're allergic. Schools should keep these on hand for kids' safety, especially when homemade baked goods come in.

The Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster - Hammacher Schlemmer - Marshmallows are toasted over a stainless steel electric heater, making it safe and easy to use with children.

beer on one side and a shot on the other?! why YES PLEASEEE!

It's a pasta timer in the shape of a little man, which gets dropped into the pasta water as it boils. When the water has been boiling long enough, the timer man sings. Sings opera.