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Ponzi scheme: An investment swindle in which high profits are promised from fictitious sources and early investors are paid off with funds raised from later ones. - Named after Charles Ponzi (1882-1949), a speculator who organized such a scheme during 1919-1920. He was neither the first nor the last person to float this or a similar scheme, just someone who did it on a massive scale. There is a long, long list of Ponzi schemes in history. Earliest documented use: 1920.


The long life of Jeanne Calment…

The long life of Jeanne Calment… although considering Biblical figures, I would adapt the headline to say "Oldest in Modern Documented History".


War Without Mercy

Before bomb pilots dropped these steel arrows on the enemy. -

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Special: Women's History Month

Ms. Apolinaria Gutierrez Garrett, wife of famous frontier sheriff Pat Garrett, holding the gun he used in 1881 to kill Billy the Kid. Photo circa 1920.

A Dutch woman who survived the "Hongerwinter" the Hunger Winter of 1944-45 when the occupied Netherlands was denied any food or fuel by the Germans.

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How Nikolay Vavilov, the seed collector who tried to end famine, died of starvation

Nikolay Vavilov collected more seeds, tubers and fruits from around the world than any other person in history.

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15 Examples Of Why Mugshots Were Way Cooler In The 1800s

Despite the fact that his mugshot screams "it wasn't me," George spent two years in jail for forgery and "uttering."

"The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amun by Howard Carter. (In 3 volumes) The man who found the tomb of boy King Tut.

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23 Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About Humanity

Charles Sherwood Stratton was born 4 January 1838, and his growth virtually stopped at six months, reaching only one meter at adulthood. He was picked up by P.T. Barnum and became a huge circus success as "General Tom Thumb."

Jack the Ripper. The most well known serial killer of all time, notorious for the savagery of the murders, the chaos that ensued, and, most of all, for remaining unsolved to the present day.

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together.

COVERT SCIENCE-On the afternoon of August 7th 1999, London police received over 36 reports of a gigantic sea serpent in the Thames, “at least 200 ft long and 5 yards across,” according to one panicky witness. Despite all the sightings, no one managed to get a picture—or so it was thought. That day photographer John Collins was taking aerial photos of London from a private plane. He didn’t notice the object at the lower right until he examined the photo later. "Hoax or Smoking Gun?…

Mrs. Alma B. Little. Arthur Little, a druggist, sought to divorce his wife Alma in 1914-15, because she "concealed Negro blood in her veins." Mrs. Little was a pale blonde, and denied that she had any African ancestry. She came to New York to visit the anthropologist Franz Boas, who pronounced that "If this golden-haired blond really has Negro blood in her veins, not a husband in the world can feel assured that his wife is not a Negress." The couple divorced on grounds of cruelty instead.

Susan B Anthony was arrested by a U.S. Deputy Marshal for voting on November 5 in the 1872 Presidential Election two weeks earlier. She had written to Stanton on the night of the election that she had "positively voted the Republican ticket—straight...". She was tried and convicted seven months later. The sentence was a $100 fine, but not imprisonment; true to her word in court ("I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty"), she never paid the fine for the rest of her life.

Hosni Mubarak, Saddam Hussein, and Yasser Arafat pose for a photo during a meeting in Baghdad, 1988

H.H. Holmes castle. I'm not sure how accurate this is as among his victims were the occasional builder who would be killed to keep secret some of the castle's secrets.

Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined 100 dollars for registering to vote.