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  • Kristin N

    US Coup In Syria: 1949 - Syria was once a democracy, until a US backed coup crushed it. The CIA coup in Syria 1949. This coup was followed by a series of coup’s that led Syria away from democracy and into dictatorship. What would have happened if the US government had stayed out of Syria, not supported the coup plotters and encouraged their democracy continue to develop? Would the US be planning a military attack today if not for the past misdeeds of US foreign policy?

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Prayer beads, Aleppo, Syria.. Be we Catholic, Muslim, what ever our religion. We have to pray for PEACE!

In this May 27, 1937, military biplanes fly between the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge as pedestrians walk across the span during opening ceremonies in San Francisco. The bridge was heralded as an engineering marvel when it opened in 1937.

WWI Military Listening Device.

Minnie Freeman ~A Nebraska teacher in 1888 who roped her students together and led them through a total white-out blizzard from the schoolhouse whose roof had collapsed to a farmhouse three-quarters of a mile away...

23 Dec 48: Japan's wartime Prime Minister Hideki Tojo is executed by hanging for war crimes. In his final statements, he apologizes for the atrocities committed by the Japanese military and urges the American military to show compassion toward the Japanese people. #WWII #History

When the government doesn’t care about its own problems…

Share if you're outraged that the Koch-backed Republican Senate just announced plans to slash food stamps for hungry children and cut Medicare for the elderly, while cutting taxes on the elite 1% and increasing military spending.

No, the military should also be fully funded, as they fought & are dighting for the freedom to have bake sales and your right to a stupid opinion that they don't need to be fully funded. We need to quit funding lazy people who don't want to work and live off of the taxpayers.

War profiteering is real. Any company that sells to the military is profiting from war and militarism.

Syria anti-government vigil, May 21 2011

That old myth that the Republican party supports the military is not based on facts.

Quotes from the "Great Communicator" Ronald Reagan. Thank you marines and all military for all that you do!