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US Coup In Syria: 1949 - Syria was once a democracy, until a US backed coup crushed it. The CIA coup in Syria 1949. This coup was followed by a series of coup’s that led Syria away from democracy and into dictatorship. What would have happened if the US government had stayed out of Syria, not supported the coup plotters and encouraged their democracy continue to develop? Would the US be planning a military attack today if not for the past misdeeds of US foreign policy?

This is Jana, one of the "terrorists" currently under attack by the Syrian government, the UN, NATO, and Obama's drone strikes. The reason I pinned this is because we are currently starting drone strikes against Syria. Not their government. "Terrorists" there. She is the face of millions of those governments attack with their drones.


When the government doesn’t care about its own problems…

Democrat/union/liberal/leftist SUCCESS! Run into the ground with bleeding heart, warm/fuzzy, feel/good, good intentions! Stop "helping" people! Get out of their way!

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Wrong on Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, and...pretty much every foreign policy issue of the last 30 years. Tell the media: Stop featuring John McCain as a "foreign policy expert."

Share if you're outraged that the Koch-backed Republican Senate just announced plans to slash food stamps for hungry children and cut Medicare for the elderly, while cutting taxes on the elite 1% and increasing military spending.gover


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Israel was killing Palestinians long before Hamas was created (in 1987). 67 years of military occupation led to Hamas

1/22/13 James McNiece died in his home in Ponca City OK at the age of 93. He was the leader of the group that came to be known as the "Dirty Dozen". Hours before the June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion, he led 18 paratroopers behind enemy lines to destroy two bridges and control a third to prevent German reinforcements from moving into Normandy and to cut off retreating German troops. 16 of his men were killed during the 36 day mission, in which they also cut enemy communications and supply lines.

Minnie Freeman ~A Nebraska teacher in 1888 who roped her students together and led them through a total white-out blizzard from the schoolhouse whose roof had collapsed to a farmhouse three-quarters of a mile away...

In this May 27, 1937, military biplanes fly between the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge as pedestrians walk across the span during opening ceremonies in San Francisco. The bridge was heralded as an engineering marvel when it opened in 1937.

Clara Lemlich led the Uprising of N.Y. garment workers "I am a working girl, one of those striking against intolerable conditions," she told the crowd "And I have no further patience for talk." 700 of the women she led on the strike were arrested, 19 were sentenced to labor camps. The next year a fire in her factory killed 146 workers: steel doors had been bolted shut to prevent workers from going on breaks. She lived to be 96.

Civil War Nurse Clara Barton. After the war, she organized the cemetery at Andersonville Military Prison for Union Soldiers. She later founded the American Red Cross.

Portrait of a German Wehrmacht Oberfeldwebel following the 3rd Battle of Kharkov, which was a series of battles on the Eastern Front, undertaken by the German Army Group South against the Soviet Army, around the city of Kharkov between 19 Feb 1943 & 15 Mar 1943. The German counterstrike led to the destruction of approximately 52 Soviet divisions and the recapture of the cities of Kharkov and Belgorod. Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine. April 1943.

Melba Roy, NASA Mathmetician, at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland in 1964. Ms. Roy led a group of NASA mathematicians known as “computers” who tracked the Echo satellites. When satellites are launched into orbit, it's necessary to keep track of the gravitational pull of other bodies. Even with a modern computer, these calculations are extremely difficult. Roy and her comrades made these calculations - which require a high degree of accuracy - with limited machines. Photo…