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    Do American parents have it all wrong?

    How to raise kids like a French woman. I think these are great parenting tips. I agree with all of them and think many American moms I know could learn a lot from these tips.

    Christine Gross-Loh Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?

    How I found my 10 ways to be a better parent to my child.


    What do you want in life for your children? Want them to make a lot of money? Become famous? Write the Great American Novel? Probably not. Well, sure, maybe ... in the abstract. But in my experience, when parents are asked this question they say simply some version of, "I want them to be happy."…

    Parenting done right

    Parenting is Child’s Play: Responsibility

    Whether you're the mom of babies, preschoolers, tweens, or teenagers, you will love this list of parenting tips to teach you how to be a better mom. They are simple, easy, and make for great inspiration if you're looking New Years resolution ideas!

    Born with confidence but will it stay? Let’s help our kids keep it {and rock it!}, here are 10 ways to raise a confident child. 1. Encourage exploration, imagination and experimentation. If you have 63 seconds this video really gets you thinking!...

    Why Kids Argue And How Parents Can Stop It! #parenting

    Parenting a strong-willed child

    Parent tips

    Parent Hacks


    Parenting tips!

    Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to reconnect.

    Parenting is Hard! But You Are Doing Something Right When These Things Happen... #parenting #motherhood