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  • Tara Tan

    Mothering Cal - What I learned from parenting a terminally ill child. By Maria Kefalas (via May 9 2013). ♥

  • Jan Donegani

    what a mother learned from parenting a terminally ill child

  • Kimberly Kennedy

    "Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?" - Christine Gross-LohAuthor, Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us Good article and good book. I'm not prone to the "it's better because it's foreign" fallacy, but a change in perspective is helpful. I also agree with most of these differences...just not the 3 year old out alone on the street or in the tree!

  • Alexandra Dadio

    Photo of the family from their Make-A-Wish vacation to Marthas Vineyard.

  • Leah

    Have American Parents Got It All Backwards? ~ Absolutely worth reading!

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VERY interesting article and research looking at different global, cultural expectations and practices about child development, education, and parenting that asserts that many American parents may be missing the point in a lot of different ways, from "taking a more relaxed approach to risk-taking and safety" to following Finland's lead in education, and "emphasize that learning art, music, home economics and life skills is essential."

Have American Parents Got It All Backwards? I found the points in this article about how other countries parent differently incredibly thought provoking.

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How to raise kids like a French woman. I think these are great parenting tips. I agree with all of them and think many American moms I know could learn a lot from these tips.

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Be a playful parent! .....You'll regret it if you don't, life is too short, time flies, enjoy the little moments... they're the ones that turn into great big memories! ❤

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