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  • Val H

    Under eaves storage locker (Garden tools)

  • Kathy Furtado

    narrow Tool Shed | Shedding Light on Outdoor Storage Sheds

  • Courtney Keppler

    Under-eaves storage shed Attached to the outside of the house, this 15 ½-inch deep structure opens to reveal a spacious storage area to keep your garden tools dry and out of site. Read more: Great ideas for outdoor rooms Photo: Thomas J. Story,

  • Kathryn McMillin

    20 favorite garden cottages & sheds | Under-eaves storage shed |

  • Sheila Carr

    53 favorite backyard projects - under eaves storage shed

  • Cathy Haynes

    how to build and under the eaves tool storage shed

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This is a really good garden tool storage idea. build the back wall of the shed in a bit from the structure, and then frame in some doors for the exterior wall, using the solid back wall to store tools pegboard style. You could also keep pots, fertilizer, etc in there. I may just have to add this on to the kids' playhouse plan.

Handsome storage bench This inventive bench serves two purposes: it's a comfortable place to sit and admire the garden and it can also hide one or two coiled hoses. It can be built in just two days, but requires intermediate woodworking skills.

What's not to love about your own little corner of a garage for gardening...and make it RED!

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This garden shed is AMAZING! LOVE that two-part Dutch door & the stone of the lower walls & the balustrades supporting the elegant roofline! And I even love the little cute light above the door! Perfectly adorable. ♥

Garage ball bin - love this design with hooks for helmets and small bins for smaller balls.

love this garden shed and the organization inside...truly a dream/ @teresablakley- I knew you would appreciate this

garden tools - a little too perfectly organized, and really, who has that much space in their garden shed!!! But, a good basic idea for organizing our mess of rakes, spades, etc

I left one of these in WI...could kick myself. Still on the lookout for a new one. We used it to store all the little gardening stuff we had.

Want to build between the windows of the woodshop. Instructions on