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Fuck You Bitch "Que te den, zorra"

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Assuming all my actions are wrong and yours considered good/correct, while we do exactly the same thing... Please explain... anybody? #fairness please stop hurting me

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My motto. Its not lame or dumb, people its called manners. Yeah I may be old fashioned but gosh dang it I am not ur slave u will ask for things not demand them. So stop being a prissy little five year old but at least five year olds dont know better!

This is exactly how I wish to live. I see so many people trying too hard to succeed based on impression and how much/how perfect they can do things. Life shouldn't be about trying to be the best; it should be about expression and growth. Bettering yourself over time, not being the best. In the end, it doesn't matter what you did, it's about the journey and how you got there.

It may be your right to STAND for the Pledge, but before you decide, let me introduce you to someone who can SIT because he defended that right......It’s not to force people into doing things that they don’t want to, it’s to give them the option to do something they want to. "Think different." -Apple

Haha! For real @Chelsea Cortes

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There Their They're LEARN IT - 8 x 10 Print

English police here :)

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When You Stop Fighting Things And Just Live, Breathe, And Try Your Best To Treat People Right, Life Just Flows. It's That Simple.

Bom dia! Com um dia de atraso, mas por um bom motivo. Enjoy!

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More beautiful for having been broken…

If you have been broken, mend yourself knowing that you will become more beautiful. And always think before you act... an apology cannot repair something you've done without thought.