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♥ Yes, this is the reason why we have had 3 Lab doggies. They are really cute puppies and we tend to ignore those big paws. :)

Savasana. Savasana everywhere - loved loved loved by www.evolationyoga...

errmygeerrrddd, luurrvvee! why do they have to be so expensive?! #Cavalier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the beach

Sleepy Cavalier~~looks like our precious Molly. Molly is the best dog I've ever had...cavis are incredible companions.

If every time we bought popcorn there was a puppy included, we would have a lot more popcorn. #puppy #pupcorn #cute

"In MY book, if it kinda feels like a hug and sorta quacks like a hug, it's close enough to BE a hug!"