"I wanna hear a guy say, 'I made plans for us,' instead of the usual, 'I dunno, whatever you wanna do, I guess.'" LOVE this. That would just be so attractive. :)

#Coach Will. #Player Anna. Timeout #12.... I funny? :) Smiling... I can see it from afar... (or better yet that was a laugh out loud with a little nose snort...)

Sooo true!

need to show this to my hubby, lol

Wanna win her heart? I love the last statement. <3

It does happen

So true


.my god this was so true for me atleast . God I miss those days with u Lori. You were my best friend. ..JSH

So true...


How very true!

Be the girl his ex girlfriend will hate, his mom will love, and that he will never forget!

I want a boy. Who would shove ice cream in my face. Who will wrestle with me. Who shows me off to his friends and family. Who treats me with respect. Who will call me at four i the morning to tell me he cant stop thinking about me. Who sings to me, even if he can't. Who could break my heart but wouldn't dream of it.

a sexy imagination


Exactly!! just tell, me I can work through the truth