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  • Bri Bri

    I have to do this! Well chase a tornado like in the movie, Twister. "It's the suck zone." lol

  • Beverly Kennedy

    Tornado drops down out of storm clouds!!!

  • Michelle - Duarte Carter

    Tornado. Amazing what Mother Nature Is Capable of

  • Kristine Lager

    Nothing like in this picture.. it was just a small water tornado

  • Patty

    Thunderstorm in Texas, USA. Amazing Photos in the World

  • Ⓥ Patty Jordan

    Tornado. Independence Day II: A cloud over Sioux City, Iowa, is whipped into a massive, spaceship-like doughnut a mile in diameter. Photo from, Adventures In Tornado Alley: The Storm Chasers, by Mike Hollingshead and Eric Nguyen (published by Thames & Hudson) via Mail online.

  • Emma Tyler

    I want to see a tornado so badly! Another bucket list must.

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