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Surma Boy, Ethiopia

People of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Hans Silvester #world #cultures. Surma and Mursi people

Africa | Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Karo Tribe . Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Africa | Hamar girl photographed during the Bulljumping Ceremony.

Africa | 'Ethiopian portraits'. Woman of the MURSI tribe, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia | © Jim Zuckerman

Surma Man, Ethiopia

Surma tribe, Ethiopia.

Young Surma girl, Ethiopia.

Africa | People of the Omo Valley © Hans Silvester

Portrait of Karo tribesman, Lower Omo River, Ethiopia

Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

Africa | Portrait of a young Mursi woman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia | © Jim Zuckerman

Omo Valley | Ethiopia

Africa | Dassanech girl. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Carla Pieters

Mursi tribe, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Ethiopia - Omo Valley

A girl Surma people of the valley of Omo in Ethiopia. In lobe carries a decorated plate (Beckwith / Fisher)

The weathered face of a Bodi woman reflects hardships endured and years survived in southwest Ethiopia.