This looks like my childhood tree. Check out all of the tinsel.


Tree Tinsel <3


Tinsel tree

Tinsel tree

Christmas Tree with Tinsel

Tinsel Rain ~~~ it always seemed to fall to me to place the icicles/tinsel just right on the tree!! Notice the "Made in the USA"!

PINK Christmas tinsel tree!!!

1940 real silver tinselled Christmas tree//

Now this is a Christmas tree! Old fashioned tinsel!


Vintage White Christmas Tree with Tinsel

Beyond adorable. This would have been my mama...she loved christmas trees like

We went through many boxes of these icicles (tinsel) on our Christmas trees.

Remember these?

As a child, we had this little village under our tree every year...I loved setting it up. I still have some of these type antique ornaments.

Tinsel tree... Hated them as a kid, but now they bring back wistful memories of days long gone — and a desire to have one now!

Childhood memory.

Childhood games

Brings back childhood memories ;)