• Paige Towey

    30 Rock! I am Liz Lemon. This is my life.

  • Jessica

    Liz Lemon- played by Tina Fey on NBC's 30 Rock. Please, y'all... she's already got a drink! Buy her some Mozzarella sticks!

  • Amy

    I am Liz Lemon #tinafey #30rock

  • Suite7beautyTalk

    30 Rock #funny #30rock #lizlemon #mozzarellasticks

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How I will avoid jury duty if I'm ever summoned somewhere that I actually live. Usually I just get letters from where my parents live & I just sent it back with a note that says "I don't live there anymore"

I love food. But i also have a high metabolism. I used to be underweight no matter what I did and now i'm a healthy weight. Yes, i have a little pudge. Yes, my thighs touch but damnit, the sexiest girls are the ones who embrace what makes them a woman AND aren't afraid to indulge a little in food. So fuck the twigs.

It's right up there on my lists of words to never say in my presence, like moist. *gag*

"If we're going to pay this much for crab, it better sing and dance, and introduce us to the little mermaid."

"Hello beautiful eyes. Mind if I party with you?"

Tiny Fey is one of the smartest, funniest people in entertainment today.

Ten is way, way too late: | The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From “30 Rock”

Laughing is an important part of my life. I believe it's the reason for health, personality, friendships, success and even failures. I know and stand by a balance between seriousness and humor.

A Mother's Prayer for Her Child, by Tina Fey. Probably my favorite chapter from Bossypants.

Not sure about this. I laugh at the dumbest things sometimes.