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A Child Called It | Dave Pelzer New paperback Book pb

This book never fails to make me cry, make me sick to my stomach and want to kill this poor child's mother. But I think everyone should read it, just to know how horrible child abuse is and that these things really happen to innocent children.

The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer - Just finished reading it, and LOVED it!! It is the second book in the Child Called It Trilogy, about how the author grew up being abused and hated by his mother!!! Great read!!

"A Stolen Life" by Jaycee Dugard. This poor 11 year old girl was abducted walking to school one morning. The story is told in her own words about how she was held captive for 18!!! During this time, the sicko got her pregnant - first at only 14 years old & then again at 17/18. Although the book is super disturbing, she says she wrote it to show others how it is possible to overcome anything. If you can handle all the disturbing/sick details, it is a must-read book.

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Literary art print / book quote // lord of the flies; william golding

literary art print / book quote; lord of the flies by william golding · via bright designs on etsy

Convincing and captivating memoir, mostly because the author never feels sorry for herself, so you are able to stay suspended in belief of her situation.

If you want a fast read but all the benefits of a 800 hundred page story full of drama and feelings and moments to make you go by on a rainy day..this is the one.