I love the way you smile at me. I've always told my husband how much I love his smile. :)


I couldn't even explain to you how good it feel to look up across a room and see you standing there. - Together Quotes


your voice is my favorite sound and it thunders in my ears and flutters in my heart, ringing with such an indescribable song.

I cannot escape the thoughts of you and I... Your love to me is the most important piece to our puzzle... Its all I need to be complete... I love you!!!

Forever & always.

I say this to my grandsons all the time! Great picture to show the depth of love you feel :) www.therapyforyourchild. com

.I like when you smile....

...the one that can make me smile & laugh no matter what mood you find me in...


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Relationships. He should make time for you and show you off.

Every time I look at a picture I just have to smile. Your smiling face makes me so happy!! But it also makes me miss you even more...

"I love it when he smiles."♕ #Quotes #Relationships #Love

If I Could Give You One Thing In Life. It's nice to take the time to tell others how you see them. Then they can love themselves more or decide to grow.

Anyone can be there for you in the best of times, the one for you is also there in the darkest of times. Hopefully holding a light. #lovequotes

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The guide to having a girl fall inlove with you<3