Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Woman, 36, who lost mother to brain cancer creates breathtaking fantasy land photo series in her memory Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series has been three years in the making All costumes, wigs and sets were constructed on a shoestring budget Some images took up to five months to create She would often wait an entire year to find the perfect natural setting for her shots

Leaving Wonderland by ChristianSchloe

Gammelyns Daughter. the model clutches a ship to her chest amidst a heathery cushion

I love this


Saatchi Online Artist: tyrone dalby; Paper, 2012, Assemblage / Collage "my fond heart" #art

The Queens Armada: A fantasy queen sales a fleet of the most delicate paper ships. Kirsty Mitchell

Applied art commercial art print illustration by Norman Duenas titled "A Butterfly Effect." I really love the artists combination of nature with the human figure/skull and the depiction of a clock. It gives a great sense of the passage of time.

Anja A.

another purple

The Storyteller: a reference to Kirstens mother, a model on a carpet of bluebells enveloped by books

Rose Gabriel De La Lyre. I'm's perfect...without time or purpose. nk Maybe it's vodka and Elton John...Funeral for a Friend...magic...Mindy and the beach. nk

L'entrée était de brocart et de soie vêtue

Ghostly, ethereal, and still wearing the pissed off teenage expression. Ah well, somethings don't change after death.

by *oprisco

Dégustation 4 by Pierrette Lu, blue, art, glass

tim walker