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Southwest Canteen - Uncovet

Vintage Sears Typewriter - Uncovet

vintage grocery shopping

Spinnerette By Crosley from Andrew Zimmern on OpenSky

Vintage Wacky Packages

Native American symbolism - North America

Native American Directory Native American Directory @Caitlin Wood

miss the good old days...we actually had telephone numbers that began with "cedar"...still don't know what that meant:)

No seatbelts and big back seats to sleep in. Oh those were the days. On long trips, we would sleep, one of us lengthwise on the seat, one in the well of the back window of the Rambler. This isn't me BTW, Just a random kid, but the principle is the same.

rocket slide. I remember these. I also remember how burning hot metal slides were in the summer. Ouch!

// Jupiter Triangle Bag

love a cute bike

striped tote / blk pine workshop


vintage Coke machine.

slouch socks...

Seashell Necklace

FRIGIDAIRE QUEEN - Now FRIGIDAIRE brings you FREEZING without FROSTING in the new ’59 FROST-FREE Refrigerator-Freezers!

Camp Trails Backpack - Uncovet

G.I. Joe Deep Sea Diver. I swear I remember having this; right down to the plastic octopus it came with!