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Idea Principal y Detalles. Main Idea & Details.

R-controlled vowels center where students roll the dice to make OR and AR words and color it on their gameboard (multiple included!) - also has full color versions of gameboards to play roll & cover.. Bossy R fun!

Causa y Efecto - Cause & Effect - Spanish - Bilingual/Dual-Language

Activities to go with books by Laura Numeroff...ideas for the If You Give Give series

Decorate Your Classroom

Lluvia de Ideas Organizador Gráfico - Los 5 Sentidos Brainstorm Graphic Organizer - The 5 Senses (Spanish/English) (Español/Inglés) Idea Web Graphic Organizer (Spanish/English) for the Pre-Write/Brainstorm Step of the Writing Process.

This useful chart can be used to show students the difference between showing details in their writing and telling about something. It lists examp...

Use this FREE poster / anchor chart to help your students pull the supporting evidence and details out from the text.

For Administrators: This bundle contains all the ELA Data Tracking and Goal Setting as well as Learning Target Posters and ELA Standards charts for grades 6, 7, and 8. This is a school license to use at your site for up to 30 teachers. These bundles will provide your teachers with professional looking learning target posters as well as step-by-step guides for goal setting based on Marzano’s SMART goal process. More details at Classroom Core's store!

Non Fiction Summarizing Graphic Organizers (Spanish/English) for the Bilingual/Dual-Language Elementary Classroom. Organizadores Gráficos de Resumir Textos de No Ficción (Español/Inglés) Resumen, Texto Informativo, Texto Expositivo, Escritura, Bilingüe.

Sequencing graphic organizers (Spanish/English) for the writing station, writers' workshop, and/or 5-step writing process (Step 1 = Brainstorm/Pre-Write, Lluvia de Ideas/Preescritura) El Principio (Beginning), El Desarrollo (Middle), El Final (End) with colorful sequence icons and detailed bullet points. Secuencia, Español/Inglés, Dual-Language, Bilingual, Bilingüe

Leer es Pensar. Reading is Thinking. Reading Response Journal in Spanish for Reader's Workshop. Metacognition. Thinking About Thinking. Read to Self. Bilingual Education. Español.

BINGO de la ENERGÍA - Energy Bingo Game - Ciencias Físicas, Physical Science, Dual Language, Bilingual, Bilingüe, 4th Grade, Cuarto Grado, Energía Potencial, Potential Energy, Energía Cinética, Kinetic Energy, Science Stations, Word Work, Vocabulario, Vocabulary

I Can/Yo Puedo Mini Literacy Station Posters - Spanish. Daily 5.

13 Colonies BINGO Game in Spanish! BINGO de las Trece Colonias en español! Colonial America. América Colonial. Social Studies. Estudios Sociales.

Vocabulario de la Energía - 63 Energy Vocabulary Slides in Spanish for the dual-language/bilingual 4th grade classroom. Ciencias Físicas. Physical Science.