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Denver 'Bull' Randleman (1920-2003) <3 "Bull was in 1st platoon with Johnny Martin, a great soldier. A great squad leader. You didn't mess with the Bull. He was a big man. Tough on the outside, but a softie on the inside. His men loved him." - Bill talking about Bull p.119 Brothers in Battle - Best of Friends by Bill Guarnere/Babe Heffron

Eugene Roe (1921-1998) <3 "He was there when he was needed and how he got 'there' you often wondered. He never received recognition for his bravery, his heroic servicing of the wounded." Lt. Foley talking about Doc Roe p. 181 Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose


Richard D. Winters (Jan 21, 1918 – Jan 2, 2011)…

Richard D. Winters (Jan 21, 1918 – Jan 2, 2011)…This belongs here,because this Man survived The Battle Of The Bulge, and told his story, along with the other survivors of the 101st Airborne, E Company, on Band Of Brothers. They truly endured so much.

The Fallen. A D-Day Tribute in Arromanches, France for those who died in Operation Neptune, June 6, 1945. Nine thousand silhouettes in the sand. My God, my God.

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Ross McCall on

Joe Liebgott (Ross McCall), Band of Brothers

Nolan Hemmings (Grant) and Bart Ruspoli (Tipper) at the Jumping For Heroes event in England Aug 21 2011