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After being hurt so many times we stopped counting we finally had to walk away. We r prime examples that family will hurt u more than a true friend ever would. God above knows the truth that is all that matters.

atelophobia: the fear of imperfection, of not being enough. Natural feeling: I cannot approach that girl if not enough drunk; she is too hot for me; he has too many girls; I am not good enough; I am not smart enough. Go over it, you are awesome! Love it! Make fun of it, you are nothing without imperfections, imperfections make you a real person.

Do you love you sisters? Sisters share an unspoken bond throughout life. #inspiredsilver now has matching sister bracelets for everyone in the family. Big Sis, Middle Sis, Little Sis, Baby sis and dont forget mom.

The pretties smiles hide the deepest secrets. The pretties eyes have cried the most tears, and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. life. quote.

This is so true.... they all know what they did and who exactly they are.... the biggest lesson, well.... find those who are true and stick to them like glue, for those who are fake will hurt you! #lesson learned..

Wise words from a wise woman. this quote is now a part of my life. i love love love it