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Great for a kids bedroom or Valentines day gift.I love you infinity times infinity

33 Handmade Valentines Gift Ideas - Mom 4 Real

33 Handmade Valentines Gift Ideas

i LOVE this idea! "Although this is a Valentines Day exemplar, I love the idea of creating meaningful quotes and sets of words using scrabble letters - very inventive and cost effective." I think I might do this with mine and my husband's names.

Yoda Best Valentine from Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat {Valentine Roundup on}

The Best Valentine Ideas Roundup

adorable Star Wars themed valentine "Yoda Best Valentine" ~ FREE printable - just add glowstick bracelet (@ design wash rinse repeat) -P7zCDOZOIgU U2GD0an8NDI AAAAAAAAKJ4 EwsckACiypo s1600 Bag+of+Chips+Valentines+4.JPG

Another FREE Printable Valentine! You’re all that and a bag of chips. Another FREE Printable Valentine! You’re all that and a bag of chips. was last modified: February…

April in Amsterdam loves this!

Handcrafted hideouts frequently filled the rooms in my house as a kid. Give your kids their own secret space with one of these 25 DIY Hideouts: Forts, Tents, Teepees and Playhouses.

Valentines Gift Idea: Root Beer Float Kit + Printable

Valentines Idea: You Float My Boat

Easy and cheap and fun Valentines day gift for him/her. 'You float my boat.' Basket from Michael's Craft store, straws, an ice cream scooper. soda and the ice cream for root beer floats/Coke floats.