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    Terry Nation (creator of the Daleks) and his daughter.


    Of course I have. The original theme is actually my ringtone right now. I tried some Dalek stuff as a notification tone for texts but it sounds weird when my purse shouts "EXTERMINATE!"

    The Daleks have got this figured out.

    "I'm so mad I could flip a Dalek!" lololololololol.

    Dalek salt and pepper shakers.

    Eggs-Stir-Min-Ate - Oswin Oswald, the souffle dalek

    Dalek for Christmas

    Wingback TARDIS chair

    Ten, the oncoming storm

    Cybermen vs Daleks

    Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek

    Grumpy Dalek

    Jackie Tyler heard this twice: once from the Doctor when her daughter was in danger, and once from her daughter when the Doctor was in danger. What a pair they made.

    Really loved it when Amy pointed all this out. She knows him well. And realizes the inevitability of the Doctor fixing their relationship one way or another.

    matt and karen

    Matt Smith at Comic-Con.

    Tom Baker and a Dalek at the Ivy Club, 2014.